Save-a-Ton Launches Partnership Program

Roanoke, VA (August 13, 2012) – Save-a-Ton, the regional energy conservation education and awareness program started by Roanoke County, the City of Roanoke, and a number of non-profits and other partners, is excited to announce its new partnership program. The partnership program hopes to provide a platform for local businesses and service providers working in the area of energy efficiency and conservation to connect to Save-a-Ton’s growing audience.

“One of the main goals of Save-a-Ton is to support the market for energy-related products and services here in the greater Roanoke region,” says Jeremy Holmes, Director of Save-a-Ton and Coordinator of Sustainability Programs for the Regional Commission. “We want to provide information and education for citizens of the region, but more importantly, we want to connect them to the businesses and nonprofits that can help them take action and start saving money immediately.”

The partnership program is free and allows qualified businesses and non-profits to be promoted through Save-a-Ton’s website, social media presence, and events. In return, partners are asked to share information about Save-a-Ton with their customers to help build awareness of the program.

Save-a-Ton’s recently launched online money savings calculator will help point users to actions that will give them the most impact, and then to products and services that can get them those savings. “Our thinking is, if you’re researching compact fluorescent light bulbs to cut your electric bill, you might also be interested in cutting your gas bill, or water bill, or might be in the market for a new refrigerator once you see what the savings can add up to,” says Holmes. “Save-a-Ton provides a lot of information on a range of energy-related issues, and as citizens become more educated we want them to know which businesses in valley can assist them. We hope our efforts will grow the market for these kinds of businesses in the future.”

To become a partner, organizations just have to show how their businesses or service can reduce energy consumption. Interested groups can complete a simple application online at